A front for Putin’s cyber warfare?

Mid-October has seen the US government officially accusing Russia of interfering in the presidential election, claiming that “only Russia’s senior-most officials” could have authorised an attack like the one against the Democratic National Convention, which came close to derailing the Clinton primary campaign, after revelations of illicit plotting by supposedly neutral Democratic officials against her competitor, Bernie Sanders.

It seems that Russia keeps upping its cyber-warfare capabilities and ambitions, even as American institutions and societies are becoming more vulnerable.

What is particularly interesting in this saga is that for once, Putin has wielded the truth rather than deploying his usual thick fog of misinformation and confusion. And he has done so through a channel that many Western liberals respect and root for: Wikileaks.

This has prompted quite a strong response against Wikileaks and Julian Assange from the security-minded parts of the establishment who had hated the outlet for years,

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