Winning the Cyber-War Under Trump

An overflowing plate of urgently needed new policies to act upon will be waiting on President Donald J. Trump’s desk when he takes office on January 20, 2017.  Few are as pressing as the need to lead a new national effort for securing our cyber communication infrastructure.

It is no secret that the security of the U.S. cyber infrastructure is essential to the functioning of the electric grid; our defense; communication; transportation; industry; finance; health of and everything electronic we use in our daily life. And it is no secret that during his two terms in office, President Obama failed to secure the U.S. cyber infrastructure and paid little if any attention to timing and location services that are essential for unobstructed cyber activity.

The growing dependency on wireless technology and services and lack of adequate security led to an escalation in cyber-attacks. Substantial segments of the U.S. economy have already been

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