How AI will transform cybersecurity

Securing your digital assets is a clear need for any business and individual, whether you are looking to protect your personal photos, your company’s intellectual property, your customers’ sensitive data, or anything else that can harm your reputation or business continuity.

Although billions of dollars are spent on cybersecurity, the number of reported cyberattacks and the magnitude of breaches keep rising. There are many frontiers where harnessing the predictive power of AI might give the upper hand to security vendors — and to us all, including individuals and businesses. The following summarizes the key arenas of AI cyberdefense innovation.

Detecting and blocking hacked IoT devices

Cisco forecasts that the number of connected devices worldwide will rise from 15 billion today to 50 billion by 2020. A high percentage of these devices do not have basic security measures due to limited hardware and software resources. A vivid demonstration of the power of hacked IoT devices

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