Trump Needs To Partner With Silicon Valley On Cyber Security

President-elect Trump has vowed to make securing our digital infrastructure from cyber attacks one of the top priorities of his first 100 days in office. His won’t be the first administration to talk about the importance of cyber security, but unless the Trump administration collaborates with actual experts who know about cyber security there’s little chance he’ll succeed.

Ironically, it can be argued that weak cyber security—specifically the hack of DNC servers and the slow but steady drip of emails from Wikileaks—are actually responsible for Trump’s victory. As he prepares to be sworn in, though, he may be looking ahead to 2020 already and facing the realization that he may be on the other end of that sword next time around.

Trump doesn’t really have any policies, and the few things he has taken a stance on or put forth suggested strategies for he has also flip-flopped on more often than he

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