What Trump Can Do About Cybersecurity

When Donald Trump takes the oath of office on Jan. 20, he’ll face an urgent and growing threat: America’s vulnerability to cyberattack. Some progress has been made in fortifying the nation’s digital defenses. But the U.S. is still alarmingly exposed as it leaps into the digital age. If the 45th president wants to make America great again, he needs to address this growing insecurity.

Three areas — energy, telecommunications and finance — are especially vital and vulnerable. The government must commit itself to defending them. And it must recognize that the risks posed to all three are increasing as more and more parts of our lives are connected to the internet.

Start with energy. There is already malware prepositioned in our national power grid that could be used to create serious disruptions. It must be cleaned up. Last December, three of Ukraine’s regional power-distribution centers were hit by cyberattacks that caused

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