JOHN McAFEE: The US should subcontract its cybersecurity to China

John McAfeeJohn McAfeeJohn McAfee

Steve Rogers, the eloquent and polished FBI spokesman whom I had the pleasure of debating on CNN two weeks ago, has been on national TV again – this time alerting the American public that terrorist events equivalent to what just just happened in Brussels, are soon coming to America.

Let’s put aside, for the moment, the obvious implications regarding new demands for access into all of our lives for “security reasons”, and let’s look realistically at the true tragedy of this statement.

If true, then there is only one conclusion that we can draw: America, and its closest allies, are living in the Stone Age of cybersecurity.

China, has already stolen top secret information of everyone who worked for the US Government for the past 50 years, accessed critical information from the Pentagon. Homeland Security and the FBI, has everyone’s phone number, address and habits –

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