‘Systemic, relentless, predatory’ Russian cyber threat to US power grid exposed as malware found on major …

One of the suspected intelligence operatives slated for expulsion was the consulate’s chef, the post said.

It added that three children were among those leaving California and they wouldn’t “see Santa or gifts under the fir tree”.

The Kremlin announced it was sending its Rossiya Special Flight Squadron aircraft, part of a fleet used by Mr Putin, to bring its officials home.

Mr Putin said on Saturday that 2016 had been a “difficult” year in a New Year’s greeting, but congratulated his country on its accomplishments.

The past year “was difficult, but the difficulties we came across united us,” Mr Putin said.

“The main thing is: we believe in ourselves, in our abilities, in our country. We are working, working successfully, and are accomplishing a lot,” Mr Putin said, extending a special greeting to those serving and working far from home.

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