Cyberthreat: How to respond…and when

Spotting threats in cyberspace is like star gazing. There are lots of them out there, but telling them apart and working out which ones are about to go supernova takes experience and skill.

You don’t want to pour the same resource into protecting yourself against every single perceived threat, because no budget can support that. Instead, your response must be proportionate. How can you identify threats properly and ensure an appropriate response to each of them?

How do you distinguish between different types of attack?

In its 2015 annual report, UK-CERT divides security incidents into several types. These include compromise of network infrastructure, data loss, spam and phishing, targeted phishing, malware, website DDoS, vulnerabilities (in websites or your broader infrastructure), and abuse of credentials or unsecured infrastructure.

Several of these categories overlap each other, and some may be used as a stepping stone to others. Phishing is an excellent way to install

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