What’s In Store For Global Cyber Security In 2017 – Forbes

By Luca Berni

LONDON — 2016 was a particularly eventful year in the cyber threat landscape. Nation-state operations played large in the US presidential election, database breaches grew ever larger and cybercriminal tactics more innovative. Individual activists and mass-participation campaigns continued to target companies and organizations for ideological reasons. 2017 will be a year when geopolitical shifts and technological advances by nation-state and criminal actors will combine to create an unprecedentedly complex cyber threat landscape.

State actors await signals from new US administration

In terms of nation-state activity, Donald Trump’s accession to the presidency is likely to mark a shift in US foreign policy, bringing a number of cyber security implications. Trump’s stated desire to priorities what he feels are US interests  and a more transactional foreign policy, and his indication that he will better tolerate the spheres of influence of other global powers, is likely to embolden these actors to conduct a

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