Trump pledges beefed up cybersecurity but doesn’t sign order

President Donald Trump pledged Tuesday to strengthen the government’s ability to protect its computer networks, but then canceled plans to sign an executive order on cybersecurity without explanation.

A White House official said that morning the order would put the Office of Management and Budget in charge of cybersecurity efforts within the executive branch and direct federal agency directors to develop their own plans to modernize their infrastructure.

“We must defend and protect federal networks and data,” Trump said during a meeting on cybersecurity. “We operate these networks on behalf of the American people and they are very important and very sacred.” The executive order had been scheduled for signing after the meeting. It was unclear when it would be signed.

Such a review has become standard for incoming administrations wanting to put their own stamp on cybersecurity. But this year, the push follows allegations of election-season hacking by the Russian government.

U.S. intelligence

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