Facebook, banks, presidential candidates not immune to cybersecurity woes

Every day seems to bring new evidence that cybersecurity is a problem for everyone, including the wealthiest, most technologically sophisticated and politically powerful among us.

To wit: In the last several several days, security vulnerabilities have been identified at Facebook; Spotify; within Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s smartphone apps; and within Swift, the network used to transfer billions of dollars among banks around the world. The problem at Swift was particularly costly; it was exploited in an $81 cyber heist from the central bank of Bangladesh in February and reportedly in several other recent cyber scams as well.

In the Swift attacks, hackers were able to impersonate legitimate users of the system to send fraudulent messages over the network by obtaining valid log-in credentials. In the case of the Bangladesh bank, the hackers hid evidence of the fraudulent transactions by modifying the Swift program on the

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