Cyber threats evolving at a rapid pace

Cyber threats are evolving at a rapid pace, with one industry expert warning dire consequences for every aspect of a business.

Security technology firm Forcepoint has release its 2016 Global Threat Report, which reveals some interesting facts about the latest evolving threats facing organisations across the world.

“The rapid evolution of the cyber threat environment has consequences that are much broader than just technical, operational, and financial – they can impact every piece of a business,” explains Forcepoint chief scientist Dr Richard Ford.

The report found malicious content in email increased 250% compared to 2014, driven largely by malware and ransomware. According to Ford, ransomware focus is sharpening, targeting countries, economies and industries where a high ransom is more likely to be paid.

The study reveals the United States hosts more phishing websites than all others countries combined, and ‘insiders’ – malicious and accidental – represent the biggest threat to company security and the

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