Cyber security in Belgium will gain prominence after terror attacks

After the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Zaventem, Belgium’s physical security has been labelled inadequate and in urgent need of improvement. But what about cyber security and cyber threats? Is Belgium a “failed digital state”?

There is some good news for the country’s cyber security. Belgium is one of the countries least affected by online banking trojans. 

And there is a very good reason for that, according to Eddy Willems, security evangelist at Gdata Software. “Most Belgian banks use advanced authentication system, which makes it more difficult for cyber criminals to obtain the required authentication details to get entrance to the victim’s bank account,” he said.

Willems added that because there are easier targets in other countries, Belgium’s bank customers are generally left in peace. He listed the UK, France and the US among countries where banks generally use a less secure authentication process.

Not such good

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