Ransomware Seen as Growing Cyber Threat

Miscellaneous errors accounted for the largest number of data security breaches last year, while ransomware is becoming a more common form of cyber attack, according to Verizon.

The telecom company said in its 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report that miscellaneous errors were at fault for 17.7% of breaches, followed by insider and privilege misuse (16.3%) and physical theft and loss (15.1%).

Errors included improper disposal of company information, misconfiguration of IT systems, and lost and stolen assets such as laptops and smartphones. More than a quarter of them involved people mistakenly sending sensitive information to the wrong person.

“Despite advances in information security research and cyber detection solutions and tools, we continue to see many of the same errors we’ve known about for more than a decade now,” Bryan Sartin, executive director of global security services for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, said in a news release.

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