Where Do You Start to Mitigate the Latest Destruction-Motivated Cyber Threats?

With traditional cyber strategies failing businesses and governments daily, and the rise of a new breed of destruction-motivated Poli-Cyber terrorism threatening “Survivability”, what are top decision makers to do next?

There is a global paradigm change in the cyber and non-cyber threat landscape, and to address it the industry has to offer innovative solutions.

The MLi Group is embarking on international road shows of our Thought Leadership Decision Maker Symposium (TL-DMS) and Private Briefings (PB), titled: “CyberSecurity is No longer the Keyword – Survivability is”

More information on Synopsis, locations, dates, and formats are below and at our website.

The road shows will take place in several regions around the world in Q2 and Q3, 2017, and onwards. Some dates and locations are already confirmed, others are being finalized with local and international partners.

Proposals for strategic partnerships on these MLi Group Thought Leadership activities are welcome. Also for more information on attending, speaking and

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