DHS seeks better private-public sharing of cyber threat information

The Department of Homeland Security wants private-sector companies to get under the agency’s information-sharing umbrella in order to better manage and mitigate cyber risks to critical infrastructure.

Suzanne Spaulding, the Under Secretary of DHS’ National Protection and Programs Directorate, told audiences at Wednesday’s MetricStream GRC Summit that industry’s sharing of cyber threat information with DHS creates a “network of networks” that reduces the risk of another major data breach, like the 2013 Target breach that affected more than 40 million customers.

“Today the adversary can use either an IP address or a kind of malware, or other kinds of tactics and procedures for conducting malicious activity, and they can use it over and over and over, because we’re not sharing that information efficiently enough,” Spaulding said. “What we’re trying to create here is a system that as soon as any node on this network of networks detects malicious activity, that information goes in milliseconds

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