Former Marine Security Expert: ‘We Already Are in a Cyberwar’ With Russia

A former U.S. Marine Corps cyber security expert said the U.S. is already in a cyber war with Russia. 

“Hacking, especially when it comes to different countries, is nothing new. The United States hacks Russia,” David Kennedy said in a video for Business Insider. “Russia hacks the United States. We hack China, China hacks us.

It’s literally a game where we don’t want to impact them because they can impact us and vice versa,” he continues.

“So in the event that Russia decides to launch a cyberattack that directly impacts our economy, or our power grid, or our water treatment facilities, things that we rely on for core day-to-day life.

“We have the exact same foot-holds into their environment and we can do the exact same thing. So right now it’s really a pain game on who wants to withstand the most about of main and who has the most capabilities. So everybody

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