Shedd: Obama’s cybersecurity plan far too little, way too late

Cyberattacks threaten our way of life. And they’re not a new threat. Our sensitive personal data, in the hands of the government, has been at high risk for years now.

The private sector has long been focused on cybersecurity, yet the federal government has not given the issue the attention it deserves. In February, more than seven years into his presidency, Barack Obama finally rolled out a $3 billion cybersecurity plan, explaining the details in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

While I commend the president for putting forth a plan, especially after not even mentioning cybersecurity once during his final State of the Union address, the plan is inadequate and flawed.

It’s all well and good to talk about protecting U.S. innovation and giving every American a level of online security. But the president fails to suggest even a single solution that would impact everyday citizens or industry. Instead, he focuses on overhauling

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