High stakes for Trump’s order on cybersecurity

President Trump’s 100th day in office, which came on Saturday, is a good time to revisit the conversation begun when he signaled he would sign an executive order (EO) outlining cyber defense priorities and remedies. The draft EO bandied about was solid in its observation and scope, but even with all the media attention, it has yet to be released. However, I’ll leave it to others to determine whether the passing of Trump’s 90-day deadline for the EO is material enough to question the administration’s seriousness.

Outside the beltway, in New York, innovation in cybersecurity moves at the speed of private sector demand. It isn’t pinned to political wins, the 24-hour news cycle, or to mere expectations. Here real cyber threats are met with the world’s top proposed solutions by the best startups and enterprises. Living in a literal grid under the constant threat of cyberattack has created a sense of urgency not seen since

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