Latest Facebook Meme Could Be A Danger To Your Cyber Security

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) — It might seem harmless, but the newest Facebook meme might actually be damaging to your online life.

This week, the trend of listing “10 Concerts I’ve Been To, One is a Lie” gained popularity and seemed innocent enough, but it could reveal something that is meant to be kept a secret — the answer to a security question.

Many websites, including banking and financial websites, require not only a username and password, but several security questions just in case the account becomes compromised. A common question among those being “What’s the first concert you attended?”

Bill Kowalski, principal and director of operations for Farmington Hills-based Rehmann Corporate Investigative Services, said that dialing back and really thinking about what you share on social media can help prevent becoming a victim of such an online attack.

“People don’t care what you’re doing every minute of the day and where you’re going and when

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