RSS wing dabbles in cyber security, incubation cells to bolster Digital India

Inspired by Beijing, which has its own local search engines and social networking sites, with servers in China, an RSS affiliate has started work on setting up similar services that will cut the risk of “data leaks”.

The Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal (BSM), a Sangh affiliate that focuses on the education and research sector, has begun work on developing digital infrastructure that will complement the BJP-led NDA government’s Digital India campaign and address concerns of “cyber security.”

Contours of the project, still in its nascent stages are still being shaped; but it will be carried out in collaboration with universities, private companies and with some assistance from government-aided bodies.

Talking to HT, Mukul Kanitkar all-India organising secretary of the BSM said India needs to reduce its dependence on service providers such as Google and Facebook that have servers abroad.

“All our data is out there somewhere. Today we have friendly ties with these countries,

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