Bachelor’s Degree in cybersecurity coming to SBU

BOLIVAR, Mo. Thousands of cyber attacks happen every day. Just a few weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of people fell victim to what is called the “wanna cry” virus. It’s just the latest in ransomware attacks where the bad guys get their hands on our data.

Soon, graduates of Southwest Baptist University will be trained to help stop them. A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity will be offered at SBU starting this fall.

“We’ve already had a long history of good software developers coming out of here,” said James Cain, Associate Professor of Computer Science. “But now we’re going to be producing software developers that are producing more secure code. Code that the attackers aren’t going to be able to breech.”

Ransomware and viruses are not new. The “I love you virus” started making the rounds online about 15 years ago. However, as technology

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