The world is a cyber war-zone – arm yourself by being smart about it

A very serious speaker asked a group of community members in a boardroom to lift up their computers. For a second, everyone in the room was stunned at his request as it was obvious none of them was sitting with a laptop or computer on their lap.

Then, the speaker altered his request – he asked them to lift up their cellular computers. The response was phenomenal as every single person in the room had a cellphone with him/ her.

To make his point, Linda Khumalo, CEO of Alerting SA, started his speech about cyber safety with this exercise. He explained that cellphones are no longer used solely for calling, but are rather a compact version of a computer. They’re email compatible, can surf the web and even run programs that previous phones couldn’t.

After this, he asked the audience which of them does not use gmail as an emailing service. Once again

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