The Neverending Cybersecurity Arms Race

Nobody questions whether cybersecurity’s relevance has skyrocketed in recent years. The frequency of attacks and the amount of damage attacks can inflict have both risen exponentially. Across all industries, big and small companies are scattering for solutions to protect their highly sensitive information from these new threats. This has forced cybersecurity experts around the world to play a freshly dealt hand: cybersecurity risks are at an all time high, and they have potential to cause more damage than ever before. Regarding which industry you work in, the attacks can be indiscriminate. Nobody is safe. This has given a rise to innovative solutions to curb or outright stop attacks dead in their tracks.

Here are some observations we have seen thus far in 2017:

The Technology is Coping to Circumstances

It is no secret that the proverbial cybersecurity defense force is severely undermanned. In fact, the cybersecurity workforce is anticipated to fall short ... read more at: