Why Theresa May’s call to arms on terrorism via social media could be blocked by reality

Prime Minister Theresa May has called for international agreements to regulate the internet, after a spate of terrorist attacks in Britain. This is long overdue, and May is right to push the world on this. But whatever form such agreements may take, they will be insufficient to address the spread of cyberterrorism.

The fundamental problem is that cyberterrorists operate anonymously and in a borderless world. For laws to work, those they seek to apprehend must first be identified, but the perpetrators of cyberterrorism are as adept at hiding behind the internet as their cybercriminal counterparts.

This is Islamic State’s instant messaging app of choice

Individuals, groups or governments responsible for cybercrime and cyberterrorism are rarely apprehended. Just as quickly as a method of identifying them is deployed, the parties adapt, change identity, adopt new modus operandi, and continue as before.

Watch: May calls for international agreements to regulate the internet

May recognises the importance

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