Raytheon Offers Cyber Security Safety Net As Threats Escalate

The increased scope and complexity of connectivity technology on aircraft and in aviation infrastructure, such as networked air traffic control systems, makes their operators more vulnerable to cyber attacks. This is a challenge that Raytheon has long been confronting in protecting its own technology, and increasingly the U.S.-based group is making itself available to help other companies.

Increased connectivity creates more interception points malware can come through,” explained Bob Delorge, vice president for transportation and support services with Raytheon’s Intelligence, Information and Services division, pointing out that increased levels of connectivity between program partners, suppliers and service providers only increases vulnerability from cyber attacks aimed at compromising system performance, stealing intellectual property and data or extorting money from companies.

This week at the Paris Airs Show, Raytheon is unveiling its new Cyber Protection System offering scalable cCyber rResponse cCenters for defense, intelligence and

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