Q&A: How the Cyber Threat Alliance solved threat intelligence sharing

Threat intelligence sharing has never been an easy task, but the companies behind the Cyber Threat Alliance believe they’ve finally found the right approach.

The organization, which was founded in 2014 by Palo Alto Networks, Intel Security, Fortinet and Symantec, was designed to collect and share high-level threat intelligence amongst the leading vendors in cybersecurity. Originally, the group’s members engaged in collecting and sharing malware code samples. But according to Rick Howard, chief security officer at Palo Alto Networks, the Cyber Threat Alliance evolved and drastically changed its approach for the better.

Howard spoke with SearchSecurity at RSA Conference 2017, where the Cyber Threat Alliance announced its formal incorporation as a nonprofit organization, as well as the addition of Cisco and Check Point Software Technologies as founding members. He talked about his own role with the organization, the challenges of traditional threat intelligence sharing and how the Cyber

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