Inside Wells Fargo’s cybersecurity war room

To keep their cyberteams fit and ready to defend against a cyberattack at any time, large banks have begun using “cyber ranges” — virtual environments where real cyberattacks are launched on replicas of their actual IT systems.

“Special forces in the military train with live bullets shooting around them, so when and if they’re in the time of battle, they’re not ducking and covering because of these loud banging noises,” said Rich Baich, Wells Fargo’s chief information security officer. “A cyber range is the same thing — your machine is actually being attacked. It’s no longer theoretical.”

Baich was a member of the U.S. Navy for more than 20 years and worked as a Naval Information Warfare officer for the National Security Agency. He is also chairman of the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council, a group set up to help the financial services sector prepare for and recover from cyberattacks.

He said

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