Nation-states are biggest cyber threat for drug and medical device …

Government-sponsored hackers were seen as the biggest threat to cyber security among executives in charge of technology, information, and security at drug and medical device makers, according to the 2017 Cyber Healthcare Life Sciences Survey by audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG.

Nation states topped the list of threats from 53 percent of respondents, followed by individual hackers and hacktivists. The data that hackers are seeking are mostly tied to financial information (69 percent) followed by patents and clinical research (63 percent), found the survey of 100 US tech, data, security executives from medical device and pharmaceutical/biotech companies.

“Some nations desperately want intellectual property to support local life sciences organizations without incurring RD costs and challenges,” said David Remick, a KPMG partner who works with life sciences companies.

“Drug and medical device makers have significant volumes of valuable financial and clinical information,” said Life Sciences Advisory Leader Alison Little. “Recent cyber events

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