The Coming IT Apocalypse

It’s happened again. One of my co-workers needs me to get a file off a machine so that I can take care of an issue.

iStockphoto/© HYWARDS

Fortunately, the password is written on a sticky note under the keyboard. Took a minute to find it, but I knew it had to be there. It had to be there because this station group is terrified of IT, has no skills to manage it and has hobbled its management, engineering, and frankly, every productive employee to the rule of the IT department.

The IT department preaches fear. If we don’t change our passwords every five days, if the passwords are not gibberish designed to be un-memorizable and if we’re not prohibited from reusing passwords in any manner, the world will come to an end. “Believe me!” claims a tattooed couch-potato wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the

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