Cyber terror viruses ‘set to double within year’

London – The number of unique viruses and bugs created to attack the IT systems of the world’s banks, utilities and governments will double this year, a leading cyber security expert has warned.

Organised crime and cyber terrorists are increasingly using malicious software, or malware, to steal money, pilfer corporate information and attack critical infrastructure.

South Korea has blamed the communist North for an attack last month that closed down ATMs and broadcasters, while the likes of BP, Mitsubishi and Google have all suffered from cyber attacks.

However, the estimated £27bn cost of cyber crime to the British economy could yet increase. Bill Conner, the chief executive and president at US-based IT security firm Entrust, warned that at the start of the year there were 300 000 variants of malware being created every day, with his bet being that this will be at least 600 000 by the end of

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