US, European energy firms targeted by shadowy cyber espionage group, experts warn

Energy firms in North America and Europe are facing a new wave of cyberattacks that could wreak havoc on their operations, according to security expert Symantec.

In a report released this week, Symantec explained that the group behind the attacks is known as Dragonfly. The cyber espionage group has been in operation since 2011 and, after a quiet period when it was closely scrutinized by security researchers, has re-emerged over the past two years.

The so-called “Dragonfly 2.0” campaign began in late 2015 and harnessed similar techniques to the earlier Dragonfly attacks. “The Dragonfly group appears to be interested in both learning how energy facilities operate and also gaining access to operational systems themselves, to the extent that the group now potentially has the ability to sabotage or gain control of these systems should it decide to do so,” explained Symantec, in its report.


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