European Union conducts first cyber war simulation in Talinn

The simulated scenario saw hackers disable an European Union naval mission in the Mediterranean while discrediting the EU’s efforts on social media to spike unrest and protests.

European Union defence ministers have staged a cyber attack simulation in a bid to work out exactly how good – or otherwise – EU member states’ cyber defences really are.

“Cyber has become a conventional tool in modern warfare”, said Sepp, who helped plan the “EU CYBRID 2017” exercise, a reference to the game’s mix of cyber and hybrid warfare techniques such as disinformation campaigns.

“The adversary is very, very hard to identify, the attack is silent, invisible. The attack is silent, invisible, it is cost-effective for the adversary because he does not need an army, but only a computer with internet connection”, she said.

“Cyber, the fifth domain of warfare, must be given as much attention as land, air, sea and space”, said Jorge Domecq, Chief

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