Digital India, ransomware, and the rise of cyber threats in the country …

Sunil Gupta

India is making a quantum leap into the digital realm by integrating the entire nation in the digital fabric.

Today, digital services have facilitated the simplification of a number of day-to-day processes, including banking, verifications, entertainment, availing government-led services and researching about any desired product or service online.

Surely, digital technologies, as they are very beneficial, have been a boon for the entire country in one way or the other. But sadly, they are as beneficial for cyber attackers waiting to steal sensitive financial details or compromise the data of a user.

Let us, then, highlight the rise of Digital India and the potential susceptibilities to cyber threats that it needs to counter to ensure its smooth rise on the global digital arena.

India – An Emerging Digital Dream

By 2016, more than 3.3 billion people were live on the internet. India single-handedly contributed about 460 million individuals to

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