Cornell Researchers Highlight Ethical Lapses in Recent Cybersecurity Failures

The internet is everywhere.

From simple dial-up connections on bulky computers, the spread of internet access to watches, cameras, printers, refrigerators and televisions demonstrates the progress the computing industry has made. Connectivity is lauded for making our lives convenient and efficient.

However, the increasing frequency of malware attacks and data leaks suggests that advancements in cybersecurity are not keeping pace. As a testament to this fact, on Sept. 7, 143 million U.S. residents had personal information like their social security and driver’s licence numbers compromised from credit reporting agency Equifax. The Sun sat down with Prof. Stephen Wicker, electrical and computer engineering, and Prof. Emin Gun Sirer, computer science, to discuss related threats, ethical questions and solutions for the future.

A rising threat seems to be coming from malware known as ransomware. This past May, ransomware attacks impacted more than 10,000 organizations running Microsoft Corporation’s Windows operating system in over

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