A Pictorial Walk-Through Of Microsoft’s New Cybersecurity Tools

I’m going to be discussing cybersecurity a lot in the upcoming months. Just look at what’s happened in the last few months – HBO got hacked, and Equifax suffered a data breach with 143 million people’s information being exposed. Before that, Dropbox was hacked, Sony, a bunch of celebrities’ nude photos, Ashley Madison, all got hacked. And here I am telling you to put your confidential client records in the cloud, a recommendation I stand by.

I think cybersecurity should be on every person’s mind in 2017, and certainly every lawyer’s. If you have a bank account that you access online, a credit card, a mortgage payment or car payment, student loans, or use email, you use the cloud. Whether your documents are locked in your office in a filing cabinet, or in a password-protected cloud

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