Northrop Grumman Adds to Growing Cybersecurity Hub in San Antonio

San Antonio—Northrop Grumman, the military contractor that makes everything from cybersecurity systems to fighter planes, has signed a five-year lease on a new property at Port San Antonio, where officials are trying to entice more cybersecurity businesses to move.

Northrop (NYSE: NOC) is going to occupy a 7,700 square-foot building at the Port, which was established as a public entity to attract new businesses and jobs to San Antonio by redeveloping an old 1,900-acre Air Force base. Falls Church, VA-based Northrop won a contract last week from the Air Force to develop an operations system for the Air Force’s cybersecurity tools and weapons. The 24th Air Force, a division of the U.S. Cyber Command that directs the cybersecurity for the Air Force, also leases space

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