‘Cybersecurity’ term might be scaring off young talent

BOSTON — When the National Cyber Security Alliance asked 18- to 26-year-olds what skills they are looking for in a career, researchers uncovered a list that would, if framed properly, forge cybersecurity professionals.

Fifty-six percent, in fact, listed problem solving as the top skill, followed closely by communication at 54 percent, data analysis at 42 percent and programming at 28 percent, Michael Kaiser, Executive Director of the National Cyber Security Alliance said here at the Healthcare Security Forum on Wednesday.

“I think these are the skills we’re looking for. If problem-solving is not a cyber discipline, I don’t know what is,” Kaiser said. “I think we’re scaring people off quite frankly.”

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Another skill hiring hospitals look for in candidates is skepticism, said Bryan Fiekers, Senior Director of Research Services at HIMSS Analytics.

“Hospitals are looking for dedicated, collaborative and skeptical individuals,” Fiekers said. “It’s required

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