Cybersecurity confidence wanes among state and local government leaders

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In response to a long trend of insufficient cybersecurity development in state and local government, a nonprofit membership association released a study Wednesday revealing a significant decline in institutions’ abilities to defend against cyberattacks.

The study, titled IT Professionals are a Critically Underutilized Resource for Cybersecurity, was conducted by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) and provides surveyed data from 3,300 IT professionals — 877 of whom were U.S. government respondents. According to the study, most enterprises and government agencies lack a skilled number of cybersecurity professionals on staff and are receding in their ability to identify and recover from cyberattacks. 

Of the U.S. government respondents surveyed, ISC2 found that 53 percent say their systems are less able to defend against a cyberattack compared to a year ago. This issue indicates a continuing retreat in how government agencies are approaching cybersecurity.

In recent months, state

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