Cyber-attack targets personal info of students and parents in Splendora ISD – KTRK

Splendora ISD says a cyber-attack has compromised information of families within the district and could potentially give rise to threatening messages made directly to parents, students and staff.

The school district said it was first notified of the threat early Wednesday that is targeting confidential information such as phone numbers and addresses.

On Friday, Splendora ISD stated it continued to receive the threats, saying this prominent hacking group intends to send violent and graphic messages through text and email.
Eyewitness News learned early this morning the FBI is helping the district with their investigation. They told ABC13, “at this time there is no credible threat of violence.”

The school district advised folks who receive threatening emails or texts from a number they do not recognize to send a copy of the message to the Splendora ISD police chief. They also urged not to engage in the messages.

In response, the school district said security

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