Microsoft, Facebook, Equifax And The Fast-Moving Front Line of Cybersecurity


Onfido co-founders Eamon Jubbawy, Husayn Kassal and Ruhul Amin are all the children of immigrants. Their company just got an investment from Microsoft Ventures.

Five years ago, the founders at London-based Onfido, an identity verification company, went searching for a symbol for one of their most deeply held values, creative thinking.

They hit on a scientifically elegant species of bird called the Darwin finch. A group of about 15 species that Darwin observed on the Galapagos islands, the finches evolved to have differently shaped beaks, for say, eating the fleshy part of a cactus or eating the insect larvae that live in its base.

“If you don’t believe in evolution, you wouldn’t have the confidence to do a startup,” said founder Husayn Kassal. His other two co-founders are Ruhul Amin and Eamon Jubbawy. The children of Iranian, Bangladeshi and Iraqi immigrants, respectively, they founded

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