Las Vegas program teaches cybersecurity skills to homeless

A business innovation center in downtown Las Vegas hosted a training program that aimed to teach cybersecurity skills to people who are homeless.

The business incubator RedFlint partnered with a workforce development program last week to offer training in a field that’s experiencing a workforce shortage, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported ( ).

Hero School Initiatives has offered training and education events for the homeless population for about 22 years. But this year the organization worked with the Las Vegas-based RedFlint, which is owned by the University of Phoenix, to offer a more hands-on training for a modern skill.

Dennis Bonilla, the university’s executive dean for the College of Information Systems and Technology, said that the program offered people in the homeless community a place learn the foundational cybersecurity skills that could help launch a career path.

“We’re seeing a workforce shortage in high demand industries like cybersecurity with 40,000 jobs going unfulfilled each

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