Cybersecurity threat: A call to action

Our nation’s security; indeed, the security of every American, is at risk from enemies we can’t see, and often can’t find, until the damage has been done. Every American citizen, government agency, and commercial or private business that has internet connected devices and networks is a target, and can become both an unwitting predator and unsuspecting prey.

Many are thinking of new ways to defend against this threat. New approaches are being considered, such as the creation of safeguards for personally identifiable information (e.g., a potential replacement for the ubiquitous social security number); or the possible enactment of legislation that enables private companies to “hack back” cyber criminals by employing offensive countermeasures; or even applying cyber counteroffensive lessons from the recent French President Emmanuel Macron campaign that helped counter Russia’s influence into the French election.

As director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, I spend a significant amount of time addressing

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