Cyber-attack threat to nuclear facilities underestimated by UK – report

Hard-hitting research, published by the Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) on Sunday, outlined a number of key concerns relating to UK national security.

Key risks flagged by its authors include inside attacks on nuclear sites, the loss or theft of sensitive data relating to nuclear facilities, cyber-attacks on nuclear facilities, malicious targeting of nuclear material in transit and the use of drones for adversarial means.

The analysis was developed by ex-director of the European Proliferation Information Center in London Dr. David Lowry, senior research fellow with the Institute for Resource and Security Studies in Cambridge, USA, together with the NFLA. It was dispatched to government officials, local authorities, nuclear regulatory agencies, British emergency services and the broader nuclear sector for review.

On the subject of insider threats, the report warned against blithe assumption-making. It argued vulnerabilities in online and offline systems must be rooted out and fixed before disaster strikes. The study

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