State CIOs struggle with cybersecurity, cloud computing amid rampant workforce changes, report finds

State government CIOs are being buffeted by the “forces of change” in technology, government and the public, a new report by the National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO) finds.

Doug Robinson, NASCIO executive director, pinpointed cybersecurity, evolving service delivery models, workforce renewal, and the prevalence of data as the key challenges facing governments. Robinson also put forth measures to address them.

NASCIO named cybersecurity as its top priority in its annual survey every year since 2013. Because state agencies hold massive amounts of personal information, they are attractive targets for hackers, cyber criminals and foreign entities, and in recent years states have become more vulnerable to attacks because of increasing sophistication and frequency of threats.

“It’s evident state governments are at risk,” the report said.

State governments face persistent challenges in cybersecurity risk reduction because of four key issues: inadequate strategic direction and organizational structure, constrained security budgets, increasing the sophistication of the threats, and

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