Opinion 5 key concerns when testing cyber threat intelligence effectiveness

According to the ISACA State of Cyber Security 2017 research, 80% of respondents believe “it is either “likely” or “very likely” that they will be attacked in 2017.” In 2018 and beyond, based on current risk trends to organizations from their infrastructure, employees, supply chain and external threat actors, this figure is unlikely to drop.

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) plays an important role in an organization’s defense-in-depth defense strategy often being leveraged by other cyber security functions, such as security event monitoring, incident response and forensic investigations.

To derive value from CTI, raw or processed data feeds must be analyzed and applied within the context of the organization to improve, among other capabilities, the ability to detect threats and respond to incidents.

Visibility into the design and operating effectiveness of CTI processes can provide some assurance to management and potentially support funding requests for further investment in this area. Based on that

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