How Complementary Cybersecurity Solutions Make Your Company Safer

Michael DeCesare, CEO and President, ForeScout

Michael DeCesare, CEO and President, ForeScout

In my continuing series on establishing a balanced cybersecurity portfolio, I wanted to return again to ForeScout, which I profiled in a previous article. In my earlier piece, I showed how the visibility ForeScout provides into all the devices connected to your network can bolster your existing security systems. In this piece, I wanted to explore how ForeScout’s ability to integrate and enhance other cybersecurity products could be a model for the way companies think about their cybersecurity approach as a whole.

What I’ve shown throughout my series on this topic is that no company can ever be completely safe. Therefore, to gain all the capabilities organizations need in their portfolio, everything from identifying to responding to threats, companies have to create a portfolio of cybersecurity products tailored to their unique needs that doesn’t blow their

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