Former US State Department cyber man: We didn’t see the Russian threat coming

Black Hat Cyber threats have evolved from been a solely technical issues to core issues of government policy, according to a senior US lawyer and former cyber diplomat.

Chris Painter, former co-ordinator for cyber issues at the US State Department, told delegates at the Black Hat EU conference that cyber issues have emerged as a core topic for governments worldwide. “Cyber is now seen as a core issue for defence policy, foreign policy and more… it’s not just a technical issue.

“Cyberspace is a new domain of war and all countries are involved in it,” he added.

The US, China and Russia have agreed that the rules of international law apply in cyberspace, so the rules of war apply to cyber attacks. That means that an attack on civilian infrastructure such as a dam would be considered as warranting reprisals, but the situation is more complicated than that in practice.

“A lot of

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