ISIS ‘Cyber Caliphate’ Is Biggest Threat, Amid Fears Of Christmas ‘Lone-Wolf’ Attacks, Officials Warn

The Islamic State militant group’s (ISIS) “cyber caliphate” is a more persistent threat than the physical caliphate, the chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a hearing on terror threats, Senator Ron Johnson warned that there should not be a misunderstanding about the remaining threat from groups such as ISIS, despite several high-profile victories against the group by the U.S.-led coalition in recent months.

“It is good that we by and large have taken away the physical caliphate,” Johnson said, The Hill reported. “[But] we have in no way, shape or form denied them the cyber caliphate. That may be a more persistent, long-term threat.” 

The use of technology by groups such as ISIS underlines the terror threat facing the U.S., added the deputy assistant director for counterterrorism at the

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