A chilling portrait of the cyber-threat landscape – IT

The cybercrime space is advancing so rapidly, it can be a challenge to keep up. Experts from world-leading security vendor, Check Point, provide a detailed look at the current threat landscape and, most importantly, what companies need to know.
If when you picture hackers, you conjure up an image of rebellious teenagers in hoodies, think again. Cybercrime is a great deal more organised than you might think and cybercriminals increasingly developing business models of their own. In fact, certain groups of hackers are known to only work Monday to Friday, taking off weekends. These are no kid geniuses, they’re professionals.
This was one of the prominent trends under discussion during a Check Point media roundtable held in Johannesburg last month. A panel of top experts from the world-leading security vendor painted a vivid picture of the current threat landscape both in South Africa and worldwide.

Anyone can launch a devastating

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